Dating someone as Christmas approaches? Want to get them something nice? On a student budget? We’re here to help!

Xmas Couple

Christmas always brings several problems for people who are dating…you wonder, should I buy them anything, or is it too soon? What if they buy me something and I haven’t got them anything? How much do you spend on a new partner?

To start with, you’re a student, so don’t go overboard. Your date will understand, and will probably be in the same situation. And as always, don’t forget to claim your student discount at the checkout!

It’s always nice to get a little something for them to show you care, but you can still keep the cost low. Chocolates are an obvious albeit mundane choice, although you can always spice them up with personalization. Shops such as Thornton’s will write any iced message on most of their products for free.

How about a joke gift? Something that you know will make them smile, or will remind them of a joke you both share. Plus, they’re usually pretty cheap, and can be found in allsorts of novice pop-up stores during this festive season.

DVDs and CDs are perfect in price and thoughtfulness, especially if it’s one they’ve mentioned before or seemed to like. You remembering their interests will earn you extra Brownie points. Also, if you choose a movie, that’s another date night sorted for you right there!

Or, you can always agree to share an experience rather than purchase gifts. Search your local area for free or inexpensive events, such as Christmas markets, theatre productions or charity volunteer days. Who can put a price on spending time together and making memories?

Finally, we come to cards. Homemade cards are always a winner and will often mean more to the person than a shop-bought gift. So how about getting out those crayons and whipping up a masterpiece? And don’t worry; you don’t have to be an artist by any means. It’s the words you write inside that will be cherished. And you never know…if you end up staying together until old age, you can always look back at those first feelings towards one another and smile!