Exams are upon you and before you know it, the stress, lack of social life and cramming in revision at all hours can really affect your attitude, happiness, and your relationship.

We all get stressed sometimes, all start to feel really boring and all end up taking it out on the people we’re closest to at some point. So don’t fret if you’ve noticed your dating has gone downhill – there’s still time to sort it all out!

Student Exam

First of all, this is a really important time for you, so it might be a good idea to cool it down on the dates anyway. You want to do well, and if this is your final year, then you’ll want to do even better. Risking your degree for a few extra dates just isn’t worth it, and you’ll probably end up regretting it if you don’t do as well as you’d hoped.

Secondly, balance is key here. You won’t do yourself any favours studying all day and all night without any breaks, so make sure you fit in some time to just unwind with your favourite TV show, or to go and chill in the sunshine for a bit. Seeing friends can brighten up your whole day, and this is the perfect time to squeeze in some time with your partner too.

If you’re both in the same boat, then you’ll completely understand that neither of you have much time to do anything other than cram. If you live close by, how about having a movie date every other night or, if you don’t have time to watch a whole movie, just go round each other’s house to watch a television show together.

Alternatively, go on short walks and talks in between revision sessions so that you can catch up, vent about uni and spend some quality time together, while both enjoying some fresh air and much-needed time away from your computer screens.

Or, invite them over for a late night cuddle and sleepover so that you can at least spend the night together before getting up to study the next day. Your brain won’t work properly so late at night anyway!

If you live further apart, schedule in breaks to call or Skype one another. When communication breaks down, you can be left feeling emotionally distanced from them, or begin to worry that something’s wrong. So even if you don’t have much time, send the odd ‘thinking of you’ or ‘good luck’ text message just to let them know you still care.

If one of you is lucky enough to have less exams than you or even just have coursework, be sure to make them aware of how busy you might be so that they don’t think you’re just avoiding them. This is a great test of your relationship in terms of understanding the other person’s position and supporting them through a stressful time.

It also means you get to see them slightly distanced, which can often be quite refreshing. Learn to be a little less ‘clingy’ and take some time to find yourself again. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our relationship and blinded by love that it takes a step back to see our partner and ourselves in a different light. Afterwards, you may become aware of some personal improvements you’d like to make.

And don’t forget, once your exams are all over, it’s time to celebrate! Plan something fun to do together so you both have something to look forward to, and so that the buzz between you can be rekindled. Great ideas for this include booking tickets to a music festival, arranging a big night out with all your house mates, course mates and mutual friends, or going glamping for the weekend. This also gives you something exciting to talk about rather than just moaning about how bored you are!

Good luck!