Want to be an amazing boyfriend or girlfriend? Then don’t save all your efforts for Valentine’s Day! Make your special someone feel loved all year round with these simple ideas to help fire your romantic side. Small, inexpensive gestures and changes in how you treat one another can make your relationship a million times happier.

Valentines Day

Leave surprise notes:

In their work lunch box, taped to the bathroom mirror, under their pillow, typed as their computer desktop background for when they turn it on… As long as you don’t go overboard or start leaving notes everywhere, all the time, this is a sweet, thoughtful and free effort that’s sure to make them smile!

Make date nights:

Uni schedules clash? Meet them for lunch on campus, or join them for the walk home after.

Can’t afford to eat out at a restaurant? Go get fish and chips, snuggle with a duvet and watch a movie together. Turn those ‘normal’ evenings spent together into date nights and you’ll start to appreciate the little things and time spent with one another a whole lot more.

Do things ‘just because’:

Don’t wait for a reason. Leave them their favourite chocolate bar on the kitchen side, just for being them. Send them a text to tell them they’re beautiful/handsome. Have a rose delivered to their part-time job. Make them a card for no other reason other than because you love them. Give them a massage even if they haven’t hinted at wanting one.


You may have different interests…he might be big into sports, whereas you prefer photography. Whatever your passions, find things to do together. Search online for quirky ideas and little projects, such as learning to cook foreign food, making crafts for your student house, watching a TV series together or choosing an Xbox game you’ll both enjoy playing. Starting little traditions can make you feel lovely too. How about a yearly Alton Towers visit or a weekly evening stroll?

Make a little effort:

When they come home from lectures, run and hug them. When they mention something they’d love to do, something they’d love to have, or somewhere they’d love to go, write it down. When their birthday or Christmas rolls back around, you’ll look super thoughtful. When they’ve had a bad day, sit and listen to them, then suggest you both go and get some ice cream. Small acts can go a really long way in making them feel loved.