So you found your student romance and so far the relationships is going great. The attraction is there, you always have a smile your face when he/she is around and most importantly you are happy to be in a good relationship. Although progression is great, sometimes it is hard to tell if a romance is getting more serious, especially when it comes to student dating. Students are young and still figuring out their life so being able to identify when a relationship is progressing is important. Below are some signs that will help with this common dilemma.

Labels Are Used

When the topic of calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend as well as exclusivity comes up in conversation, the relationship is definitely getting serious. Student dating is one thing but actually making a commitment and putting a label on the relationship is a step in the right direction.


Establishing trust means that you are in a comfortable place in the student romance. When neither party feels the need to worry about what the other person is doing that means trust is there on both ends which is a requirement for every healthy relationship.

You Are Introduced to His/Her Close Friends

Being introduced to his/her close friends is a huge step in any student romance. This means that you are being welcomed into their world by meeting the people that are important to them. The next step is meeting the family.


Public displays of affection shows that your partner has no hesitations when it comes to displaying their feelings for you. Also, when you are able to lock eyes with someone and have a special moment in public, an undeniable connection is present.

The Future Has Been Discussed

The last sign of that a student romance is progressing into a serious committed relationship is discussing the future. If you and your boyfriend/girlfriend talk about future plans like what is going to happen after university you are on the path to something great. This means that they see you in their future.


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