Stuck for what to write for your Dating for Students profile? When it comes to online profiles, the more you write about yourself, the better. Don’t tell them your whole life story, and be sure to leave a little mystery so that you can enjoy the getting-to-know one another process. But, with the end goal being to attract people you’ll really like, you want to be open about such things as your personality, interests, appearance, career and hobbies.

Smiley Lady

Be honest about yourself. This seems obvious, but it’s often easy to act like someone else online, perhaps making your career sound a little higher up the chain, or your lifestyle more ‘exciting’ than it really is. And there’s also the temptation to write what you think potential dates will want to hear. But you’re not going to find true love with someone who is attracted to a fake version of you. Let them fall in love with the real you!

No matter what your personality or interests, however, a positive profile can reap wonders! Don’t focus on your negative points…they can find these out later! Plus, they may view them in a different light than you do anyway.

Make sure that your spelling and grammar are correct. It can be really off-putting when things are spelled wrong or written in abbreviated text talk, and will make it seem like you haven’t put any effort in when, in reality, this could be the most exciting, special time of your life!

Choose a decent photograph of yourself. Profiles with photos receive loads more visits than those without and let’s face it, physical attraction carries more importance than we’d like to admit. Having a photo of you on your profile also makes people trust you more. Make sure you smile: you’ll seem approachable, friendly and fun!