Female Student Graduating

Can university relationships survive after graduation? The simple answer to this, is yes. Forget notions of ‘puppy dog love’ and people telling you that you’re too young, and think of it this way: if you love each other and want it to work, it will.

However, certain things will change once your university lives are over. You’ll grow up together, and this isn’t always easy. You might land a job and begin to feel more boring than you used to, or you might not have the time to party as much.

‘Finding yourself’ as an adult can also be daunting. You’ll start to have different outlooks, new goals or interests, and it can be easy to grow into your partner’s character instead of yourself. To avoid this, a great idea is to take some time just to yourself, or to spend time with friends only, even if it’s just a couple of days or evenings per week. Work out how you feel and, if you’re destined to work, you’ll be supportive of one another’s growth.

Finally, that dreaded move home could land you miles apart, jeopardising your dreams of staying together no matter what. Long distance can be difficult, there’s no denying it. Missing each other becomes the norm, physical contact is predominantly replaced by talking on the phone or over the Internet, and you might fear that you’re growing apart if you’re not included in their daily lives.

But it can also make you grow stronger than ever. Your relationship is stripped to personality only and, if you can get along well as friends, then your chances of being a relationship success story are sky-high. Make the most of this time to really get to know each other as people as well as romantic partners. Plus, your time apart is probably only temporary. Whilst sorting your new uni-free life out at your parents, you can plan to move closer together, or even to live together. So, chin up – you can do this!

Finally, because we’re so lovely, we’ve even put together a small list comprising prime examples of household names who have all gone on to marry their university sweethearts. How’s that for positive thinking?

• Mark Zuckerberg (yup, the creator of Facebook) met his wife Priscilla Chan in 2003 while at Harvard. Earlier this year, they arranged a surprise wedding, inviting guests to what they thought was a graduation celebration!

• Prince William and Kate, who celebrated their wedding in 2011 in front of a nation of spectators, met whilst studying at the University of St Andrews together.

• Samuel L. Jackson and his wife, LaTanya Richardson, have enjoyed decades of married life since meeting at university in Georgia.

• Barack Obama and Michelle (previously Michelle Robinson) also share in this trend of lasting university love.

• Stephen King and his wife Tabitha have been together ever since their life as students, enjoying marriage and children soon after they met.