We have all been there, well hopefully you haven’t. Check out these awful anecdotes that will make you cringe when reading them!


“Once, I got so drunk and threw up over myself! Then to cover it, I bought a drink and poured it over myself and said the barman ‘accidently’ spilt a drink on me and my date had a go at the poor barman.


When I was like 14, I’d gone to the loo and my dress was tucked into my pants and my date kept trying to subtly pull the dress out without telling me and I had a huge go at him for being forward and touching my ass, but it turned out he was just trying to be nice and a random person in the street told me after.”


“ I was on this date and all was going well. Then, didn’t the heavens open upon us and me being me, of course, no umbrella! Luckily, he had one so I’m thinking, life sorted! Anyway, plodding along in my brogues, of course and I have a ‘Vicar of Dibley’ moment. Instead of looking all ‘cool girl’, I pretty much drenched half of my legs and then had a lovely squelching sensation the whole way back. Not to mention, my newly washed hair was resembling a drowned rat look. Not quite the Halle Berry, coming out of the sea image I had in mind!”


“Mine wasn’t really embarrassing, but maybe controversial. I went on a date with a bouncer from Ocean and he was from Trent and obviously I’m Uni of! Scandalous!”


“So I went on this first date with a guy to my friends engagement party, but he turned out to be mega boring so I locked myself in a toilet for an hour until he finally got the hint and left”.