First dates, fun but also potentially lethal! Always good for anecdotes and tell-all tales and sometimes blossoming into beautiful romances (oh to be so lucky)!

After speaking to several sources, we have compiled some of our favourite bad first dates. Prepare yourselves, it does not bode well for all involved!

Date number 1: Funeral Fun

“I went on a first date once with a guy and he took me suit shopping in town….for his Grandma’s funeral!! There was no second date…!”

Date number 2: Phone FBI

“So, obviously with Tinder, you have to check them out. Make sure they aren’t crazy! Anyway, I found him on social media and turns out he was in a music video on YouTube. So I watched it… obviously! Anyway, on the date, we were listening to music on my phone and he goes to change the song, only to see that when he went to search for it, his name was in the top suggested – therefore knowing I had stalked him. We both knew what I had done, but he pretended to not notice and I just died, just a little bit inside!”

Date number 3: CV Checkpoint

“I went on a tinder date with a Spanish guy and his English was so awful, we’d been messaging beforehand and when I turned up he got his CV out and asked if I could look through and check it – so funny!”

Date number 4: Ex Escape

Basically went for dinner and drinks with this guy and he was like you can stay at mine because it was ages to get home. When I got there he was like I have to tell you something…I live with my ex girlfriend but she’s “away” at the moment. I was mortified wanted to leave but couldn’t go home as I’d told my Mum I was staying at a friends!”

Date number 5: Baboon Bashing

“So we were at Knowsley Safari Park for our first date. Everything is going well when this baboon jumps on the car and starts ripping off my date’s window screen seal. The baboon then threw it on the floor, which lead us to have to go back to the monkey enclosure and ask for them to retrieve”