We’ve all been there. You really like your partner, but little things bug you or you completely need an outlet. Cue some of these methods to keep you sane:


“So, this may sound extreme but it works. I go, throw an axe at a target and I feel so much better. Really gets my anger out, you should try it!”


Whoever said hitting things doesn’t help… was wrong! I go to the gym, whack the punching bag and feel so much better. All my anger out in one smacking session. Might go after this actually!”


“ I’m more of a pacifist, so stretching and meditating is for me. I love just going and clearing my mind, finding inner peace and all that. But jokes aside, it’s a great stress relief and I would recommend trying it to anyone. Great outlet of stress!”


Look it works for me. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. Love going out with my mates and getting hammered and then seeing a pole in a club or podium and getting up. Just having fun and letting your hair down, best way really!”


Get super fit and toned. Go on a health kick and go to the gym and prove a point. Just wait till you get lots of attention, they’ll soon come to their senses. Feeling good from the

inside makes such a difference”.


So this may sound petty, but document how much fun you’re having without them. They will soon get the message that you don’t depend on their every move and come back. If not, do it for yourself and have fun. Lots of memories to look back on!”