When you meet someone you really like, it’s natural to want to impress them. You might feel nervous about meeting them for the first time, and you want them to be introduced to the best you. But this doesn’t mean you have to act like anyone other than your wonderful self.

We all like to dress up for special occasions, and who doesn’t want their crush to see them looking great? Making an effort will give you confidence as well as making you feel better about yourself. Just make sure you let your personality show through as well. It’s so easy to go for that little black dress, or those grey suit trousers. But be careful to avoid office-wear or middle-aged fashion. Girls, add a splash of colour with accessories, a scarf, or your handbag. And guys, how about matching those chinos with your usual iconic shoes? Instant initial impressions will be made based on your appearance, so shine baby, shine!

Next, make sure your choice of activity suits your interests. There are no rules dictating that you should take your date to a cinema or a restaurant. In fact, these are such clichés that being a little more creative and fun makes for a really memorable first (or second or third) impression. Bear in mind that you want to be able to talk and get to know one another as well – nothing does this worse than a cinema date, and restaurants can be intimidating, let alone expensive.

How about meeting for ice cream and a walk instead? Having a quick browse online for local events is always a winner too. You’ll often find food markets, free exhibitions or new tours around town. Quirky bistros or cafes with live music are popular with most people, and you’ll both enjoy trying new things and visiting fresh places. Unless you’re certain that you’ll both enjoy it, just don’t make it too extreme for your first meet-up…that abseiling lesson or sushi tasting session may not go down as well as you’d hoped.

So, you’re looking dapper, you’ve got a day or evening set to remember, now all you need to remember is to act yourself! Don’t worry about being a little nervous, just relax and remember that you’re both in the same boat. And if you’re stuck for conversation starters, see our previous blog post, here. Have fun!