Ah dating! What a nightmare, right? Well, alas we are in the modern day and age of dating apps and swiping is more of a game than a reality. Making dating fun for the millennials was a wise move, as formal dating websites are too intimidating in the wake of social media!

However, are these apps killing off romance? Are the days of chivalry and wining and dining without netflix and chill gone?

So far, I would have to say it seems so and this is something I am sad about. I for one, am not adverse to chivalry, but also realise that paying for my share of the date is actually helpful in a lot of cases; (also fair). But, what does make me sad, is the lack of wooing or attempting to get to know you, beyond scheming for the end prize and then doing the same pattern of behaviour again the next day! What happened to speaking to people to get to know them? Is that too much to ask?

Admittedly, dating apps are fun and I am not discrediting the benefit or indeed the hilarity of some of the conversations that arise on there. However, the effect of essentially being able to booty call people wherever and whenever, that makes me sad! People enjoy it and so I won’t discredit that, but if you’re the type who is a hopeless romantic at heart, it’s killing off those chances of having someone hold the boombox outside your window, playing your favourite song (cue rom com reference)!

All I want is a harmless kiss in the rain or to be swept off my feet once in a while! Is that so hard to ask?

Perhaps I am of another time and perhaps the ever changing nature of 2017 has got me overwhelmed with choice and swapping trends. But bring back some romance into our lives please, it would be greatly appreciated… and no, that is NOT an offer of netflix and chill again!

If I want to watch Stranger Things (which I do), I will do it on my own time and space thank you very much!

Stay strong hopeless romantics, our day will come! I hope!