Sex! We all love it, hopefully! However,  sometimes it can go a little pear shaped and no that’s not a move! We have asked for some of people’s most embarrassing stories from previous sexual encounters. Check them out:


So, I am prone to maybe blurt out things mid act. Therefore, in the heat of the moment I can’t control what I say! One time, I went back with this guy and everything was going ok, but also I was really drunk, so obviously my mouth rambles even more. Well, I started stroking his back as you might do. However, I blurted out ‘You have the smoothest skin!” – to which you might think I’d leave it there. No. I then preceded to go on about how ‘soft’ his skin was and what moisturiser did he use as he must moisturise to have such soft skin. Well, safe to say it was mortifying, considering we have so many mutual friends. We didn’t see each other again, or look each other in the eye for that matter! MORTIFYING!”



“So, my friend was coming back from a one night stand and I was waiting for her the morning after, as she said she was on the way back. Well, next thing, the biggest 9 seater red bus pulls up with my best mate in it. I couldn’t even breathe from laughing! It looked like she had stepped out of Postman Pat’s delivery van! Why the taxi company felt one person needed a giant bus themselves I don’t know, but safe to say, the walk of shame or bus of shame was not discreet!”



“So, this one time I was sleeping with this guy and we thought we were being super secretive about it and no-one would know. Turns out, we had sex right underneath two of our friends window! That secret got out very quickly, not quite MI5 as we thought!”



“When me and this guy first had sex, it was during the scene in Ace Ventura where he’s struggling out the rhinos rear end. We couldn’t stop laughing the whole time, which I suppose made it less awkward, but still, not exactly romantic!”



So, obviously many people will know that one night stands are often drunkenly fuelled. Well, obviously the night of, I felt fine. The next day, he was ready for round two, but before I could even stop myself, I threw up all over his bed! Needless to say, slight mood killer!”