Drop all your baggage (never a good idea on a first date…)

It seems like you’re still attached, not focused on the here and now, and stuck in the past. If it casually comes into conversation then by all means respond, but don’t dwell – it doesn’t usually work out well.

Go for food

If you’re a confident eater then skip to the next piece of advice. However, most people feel nervous anyway on a first date, never mind eating in front of someone you’re trying to impress. For some reason, a daily ritual that you do every day suddenly seems a daunting task. If you’re going to eat, pick a minimal fuss kind of food – avoid sloppy pizzas or curries. Indigestion or bad breath is not ideal when it comes to being romantic.

Wear something too revealing

There’s being sexy and then there’s full on provocative. Be on the right side of promiscuous without giving the game away. People are sussing you out with great intent on the first date and every move is being analysed. First impressions are key to future dates, so don’t seem so keen or too out-there just yet. An element of mystery is always desirable, so keep those cheeky outfits for a bit further down the line.

Dwelling on your life

People want to get to know you, sure. However, every detail of your Nan’s exploits last Christmas or what Carl at uni did in Fresher’s Week, is not inclusive of the other person. Chat should be like a tennis match, back and forth, so each person feels included. By all means, mention anecdotes – they are often great ice breakers, but try not to only talk about yourself or for that matter and not ask about them. Classic mistake! Keep the conversation light and flirty, making sure to seem like you’re paying attention (even if you zoned out now and again)! Laughing if they make a joke can go a long way. It makes someone relax if you reassure them that they’re funny. Have a cheeky giggle!

Wearing a dark lipstick

If you don’t wear lipstick, skip this step. However, classic error. Now, it might seem presumptuous to think you may get a cheeky kiss at the end of the date. For some people, that is way too soon and for others it is a realistic expectation. Therefore, try not to make them look like the joker at the end of the night by smearing your sultry red/dark lip all over their face. Not only is it hard to get off (believe me), it also makes you both looked like you’ve been attacked. Never a great look! So hold off, at least for the first date. After that, if you feel like it, throw caution to the wind, but bring make-up wipes in case (it may help)!