‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ We all know the saying, and I’m sure we can all agree that photos tell you a lot about someone. In fact, it might be the first thing you’re drawn to when you visit someone’s profile. So, what kind of impression are you going to give?

Profile Picture


The Passport Photo


– Other students can see exactly what you look like.

– You could have taken it just for this occasion, which makes you appear thoughtful and organized.


– Make sure you’re not giving out a boring vibe.

– Is this the only photo you have of yourself? You better at least be smiling, rather than pulling the classic passport mug shot.


The Party Photo


– You come across as fun, bubbly and, if you’re with someone else, it shows you have friends and a social life.

– You’re a student! You probably have loads of these types of photos already lying around. Plus, you’ll be looking hot after making all that effort.


– Are you drunk? Wearing little clothing? You know it…you may appear immature, wild or even slutty…

– Having someone else in your picture can also be confusing: who’s who?


The Close-up


– There’s no hiding here: you get what you see.

– You ooze confidence and you’re not afraid to highlight your assets.


– You appear vain, self-centred and, wait, is that a close-up of a spot I can see?

– Other students want to see your whole face: the true you.

– Close-ups can be unflattering, depending on the angle and lens used.

– This aint no Myspace…


The Far-away


– You show that you’re not vain. In fact, you’d rather choose a nice photo of the scenery instead of a close-up of your ugly mug.

– There’s space for someone else there too…your date, perhaps?

– Anything showing in the background tells other students about you. Is that the Eiffel Tower I see? Oooh, they must enjoy travelling and be well-cultured…


– Where are youuuu? I can’t see y – oh, I see you. There, past all the trees…yep, you got it: people want to be able to see your lovely face. Otherwise, they may feel suspicious of your true appearance and even real identity.


The Photoshopped


– You look divine.


– Why are you changing the way you look? Students want to see the real you! Plus, if you meet in person, they may be confused or even disappointed.

– Why is the doorframe all bent in a weird shape around your boobs? It could be altered badly, making you look super silly.


The Professional


– You look your best.

– The photo is sharp, crisp and appears high quality.

– Are you a photographer? Then work those skills, baby!


– Have you put too much effort in?

– You may look a little vain.


The Bright Flash


– You own a camera with a flash…


– Whoa, sunglasses needed!

– Are you a ghost, or a person?