Have you ever thought about why it’s so great to meet that special someone while you’re still a student? We asked 10 university students aged 19-25 what they’re favourite things about dating as a student were. The results may surprise you or make you smile, but all are guaranteed to make you think! Here are some of their opinions and insights…

Student Couple

You absolutely grow together. You find new interests, learn more, become more confident and grow into yourself. I think this is really precious, and makes it such a special time to meet someone

You’re at a great location for social events while at university…you never have to think too hard about what to do for date nights!

It’s awesome because you also become close to all their friends…you all go out together, and I think this is harder after university. Plus, it’s really important to get along with your partner’s friends, in my opinion. It’s always a bad sign if all your friends dislike your boyfriend or girlfriend!

You can help each other study, and really encourage each other’s progress. The support from my boyfriend was really sweet and helpful.

It’s the perfect time to not have to worry about your social status! You’re usually all on a similar level financially, so my girlfriend didn’t care that I was poor! And it made us more creative with our time together…we checked out lots of free stuff and used our student discount to get into places.

I met my girlfriend online but we were studying in different cities, so we made great use of the discount rail cards to visit each other at the weekends! Plus, it meant we got to meet and hang out with people from 2 different universities whenever we visited each other!

Spending time with my girlfriend was something I really looked forward to, especially if I’d had loads of essays or exams. It was like my reward for studying hard!

When I first started at university, I’d moved far from home and didn’t know anyone there. I made some really good friends quickly, but it was my boyfriend that made me feel so ‘at home’ in this new city. We soon had little traditions together and we explored the city and tried out new things together, which was so much fun! I soon forgot any worries I had as a fresher.

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