Sometimes it can be hard to read girls. They give subtle hints rather than saying it how it is, and they hope you’ll somehow just know how they feel. Why? There are many reasons. To start with, us girls want to feel like you understand us. We don’t want to have to spell everything out to you, such as how we’re feeling. Instead, we hope you’ll be able to sympathise with us or be thoughtful enough to understand.


Secondly, we want you to surprise us, rather than having to ask us what we want. We hope you’ll already know, because you know us well enough. But what this actually translates to is that we want you to be mind-readers.


Mysterious Girl


Yep, we know it’s true. We hear you. We try to meet you half way, to just say it rather than hint, but sometimes, we just can’t help it. So, here are some clues to help us all get along ten times better!


  • When we seem a little off, but we say we’re ‘fine,’ it usually means we’re not. Yes, this sounds confusing: why don’t we just say that we’re not? But sometimes, we can’t just ‘spit it out’ right away. It’s like there’s a barrier between our thoughts and emotions, and our words. However annoying this is, please just cuddle us. Ask us a few times if there’s anything we want to talk about, and we’ll probably open right up to you.


  • If we start a sentence with a pause, or a long ‘umm’ or ‘errr,’ it typically means we’re unsure of what you’ve just said or we don’t like the idea of it, but we’re being too polite to say no.


  •  If your ex comes up in conversation, even though we want you to always be open and honest with us, we can’t help but feel uncomfortable. You may think we’re acting silly, because your ex is in the past, she’s not relevant now and you and her obviously weren’t meant to be. In fact, you might even despise her. But either way, we may still act strange or feel upset, because we don’t like the thought of you with anyone else. Even with people you knew before you met us, and even if she didn’t even come close to how you feel about us.


  • Use your common sense. We might say that we enjoy cooking, or that we don’t mind doing the washing up. This is true: we usually don’t. We prefer the place to be pretty clean, and we like making yummy dinners for us both. But does this mean we want to do it all the time? No. We’re not 1950s house wives. We’d love for you to surprise us sometimes, by cooking instead, or helping us with the cleaning. It’s only fair. Plus, it means spending more time together.


  • When we say ‘you don’t have to,’ we’re really hoping you’ll say ‘it’s ok, I want to,’ rather than ‘ok then.’


  • We want you tell us that we’re beautiful and sexy. Even though you think we already know how you feel about us – you told us last week, right? – we want to hear it again. Even if we’ve been together for a while. In fact, especially if we’ve been together for a while. Otherwise, we don’t feel so great about ourselves, and we can start to worry that you’re not as attracted to us as you used to be. Go on, make us feel amazing.


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