You’re having fun, meeting new people online and chatting to several guys or girls. But how do you know when you’ve met that special someone who you would like to start properly dating, and when it’s time to just stay friends with the others?


We’ve rounded up some tell-tell signs for you to be on the look out for…

  • Your heart starts to race a little when you see them come online, or when you wait for them to answer you.
  • You think about them throughout the day…little things remind you of them, you can’t wait to tell them about something that’s happened, or you wonder what they’re up to.
  • Think about how you react to them: do you laugh at their jokes a little more than you naturally would, and view their feelings or opinions highly?
  • You keep checking back to see if they’ve replied to a message you sent.
  • You’ve told others about them – you just can’t help yourself from mentioning them in conversations.
  • You remember little things they’ve said…their interests, hobbies or views.
  • You look forward to talking to them. Maybe you rush upstairs as soon as you get home, or you really hope they’re online for an instant message session.
  • When you come across new cafés or see new films advertised, you think of going there with them on a date.
  • You make sure you look extra nice before your video chats together.
  • You find yourself thinking about them long after your online chat, and mulling over the things you said. Maybe something you came out with makes you cringe, or something they said makes you feel like a giggly school girl.

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