Long lasting love? A myth some may say. Well not for these lucky people, who gave us an insight into what has worked for them and maybe what the key to success could be for you!

  1. “I would definitely say it’s important for both parties in a relationship to have a hobby/focus or something they enjoy doing. This doesn’t have to be the same thing, in fact it’s best if it’s not. Each person in the relationship should be free to retrieve to what they enjoy doing. To put it simpler, a separate interest will allow the other person to breathe.”
  1. “I think I  would say there’s no key to making it last it just lasts if you’re both happy, really it’s just a big friendship but with sex. So pick someone who makes your soul happy and also who you fancy loads!”
  1. “There are 2 things that I believe are the key to lasting relationships: good communication and putting the other first.Being able to communicate well takes time, but is so important for understanding how your partner feels about something, what their thoughts are, what annoys them and so on. Don’t sweep anything under the carpet hoping it will go away, it is so much better having any issues out in the open because you can then work on them together and help each other. Putting the needs of your partner first is one of the many ways of showing them that you love them and want the best for them. Even when they’re not thankful or acknowledge it straight away every act counts and makes a difference and one day you’ll notice them doing the same for you.”
  1. “I would say for me it’s remaining independent and not becoming a unit. Like being a unit is great, but my pet peeve is when people become ‘we’! That fateful phrase when you know they’re past the point of return of their independence. I always think doing things together is great, but always do things for yourself too; I’m just a cautious person is all. I love my partner, but what if the worst happens (God forbid), I need to know who I am independently, my identity is what makes me unique. So I’m holding on to that one, thank you!”
  1. “For me it is trust. You have to trust your partner or that relationship will not last. Sometimes it’s difficult and every relationship is different, people come with different baggage etc. However, I trust my partner with everything and I hope they’d say the same about me. They’re my best friend and I would hate to have a friendship or relationship based on being suspicious of them!”

So whether you are single, reading this like ‘oh thats the secret’ (or not), or are currently in a relationship and trying to figure out whether you agree. Enjoy the time you have with your partner or yourself, as has been pointed out. Dating is tough, but can be so rewarding!

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