It’s nearing 2018 and who knows what next year will have in store for the dating scene. Will it be a ground breaking app that changes life as we know it and finds us the perfect match or will it be the continued back and forth nature of dating apps?

Now, don’t get me wrong, dating apps are useful, informative and often just HILARIOUS! A cure for boredom, I might add, in a world full of constant stimulation through social media and treating ourselves constantly. Swiping right and left was an ingenious invention, however, did making our love life like a game make it better or worse?

Some would definitely say better, if you require casual sex, it’s basically hotline bling for you, got options left, right and centre. However, swiping purely based on appearance, comes with it’s flaws. The days of getting to know someone and falling in love with their personality are slowly becoming dormant as a result of these apps. You know within the first five minutes of a conversation, whether somebody will just either request/send nudes or be after a bootycall. Very rarely do we find someone looking for that special someone, or just simply to take to the Christmas markets.

I almost feel there should be a filter: looking for casual sex, tick this box. That way, if you’re not, your intentions are clear from the get go and you meet like minded people, rather than sussing them out, when clearly you have different things in mind.

Call me crazy, but I for one pine for the days of actual conversation and dates without the immediate presumption of “So my place or yours?”! Neither mate, jog on. Get to know me and then MAYBE we will talk!

So, I may be old fashioned and you may disagree, but I think millennial dating is more tricky than ever. We don’t have to message each other, we can tell when someone is ignoring us based on that lovely device of seen – cheers FaceBook for that gift. Constant reminders of #couplegoals on Instagram and holiday snaps from our loved up friends on FaceBook. Now, I’m happy someone is happy, but reminding the singletons of the fact they’re still alone… does not bode well for self esteem.

So, if you’re single this Christmas time and don’t have anyone to go get that perfect couples shot at the Christmas markets with. Rock it! Your time will come! If not, keep swiping, I’m sure the perfect someone will be round the corner! (Maybe)!

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