Happy New Year one and all, what can I say other than I hope 2018 brings you all the luck in the world; especially for dating. Now if you’re a singleton out there then have no fear, the Christmas cuddle period is over and we can now return to normality of feeling that January is unanimously miserable (for most anyway).

Yes dating can resume once again, away from cute #couplegoal photos on Instagram from Christmas market dates, back to what we know best. Good old fashioned drinking (I joke), but wining, dining and hopefully new experiences. New year comes with new chances to meet someone and I for one, am feeling positive for what 2018 can bring!

Now, if you’re like most people after Christmas, feeling slightly like a stuffed doughball, then worry no more – we are ALL there! Christmas is just a magical time of year where you start off feeling so festive and excited and end up looking like Santa himself. Too many beers anyone?

So, if you like everyone else, is thinking I’m going to kickstart this new year and get on a health kick and be a better version of yourself. Good for you. If this is not your style, then I would personally set little goals for yourself this year and see if you achieve them. More reasonable new year resolutions, other than I will cut down alcohol and eat less chocolate. We all know it is usually nigh impossible, so let that dream fade like 2017!

New Year advice- throw yourself into new challenges and experiences. It’s a chance to explore and what better way than getting back in the dating game? Turn the dating apps back on or just keep your eyes open for the next special someone. Who knows, this could be your year, so go for it!

Best of luck to everyone, (but especially you singletons). On your marks, get set, GO…!

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