Student looking for dates online

You’re a student: you have lectures, coursework, a busy social life, maybe a part-time job…making the time to meet new people or go on dates can be a struggle. Here at Dating for Students, we do the hard work for you. Consider the following pointers, and sign up for free today!

Dating for Students is what it says on the tin: a meeting place for single students looking for fun, friendship, romance and love. No more traipsing through 40 year old profiles. You already have crucial things in common: you’re smart, fun and of a similar age. Plus, with our extra features such as the option to upload video diaries, you can really check out who you’re talking to.

We match your personality, interests and location with people you’re compatible with, so you don’t have to go on any more awkward dates with Mr. Geeky or Miss I-have-no-idea-what-she’s-talking-about. Instead, you can chat to your matches from the comfort of your home, choose which ones you get along with, and then decide if you want to meet up with them.

It’s free! Going on coffee dates or buying dinner can really add up. With us, you can find out about each other before you spend your well-earned money.

You don’t need to feel nervous – only you decide if or when you want to meet up. Furthermore, everyone’s here for the same reason, so there’s no need to worry over whether your crush is in a relationship, or if they’re even looking for one. You’re all in the same boat.

You can absolutely be yourself. With our compatibility matches and the confidence that talking over the Internet brings, you can truly let your personality shine. Because hey, who wants to date someone they can’t be themselves with?

It’s all about any time, any place. Chat to people from your home, uni, while on the train…it’s convenient, instant, and fits around your schedule.

You don’t have to worry about dressing up or looking your best. Upload a decent photo of yourself, and then get to know people’s personalities before you go all-out for that first date.

Like what you hear? Don’t miss out on meeting that special someone: sign up to Dating for Students for free, now!

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