Ah, wooing, what can I say. An unusual phenomenon! Trying to coerce someone into going on a date with you, or not…! Check out these hilarious stories, which may make you feel better about your dating life!

So, this guy was walking me home and invited me in. I was skeptical at first, but went in anyway. Upon arrival, he offered me a milkshake, but not just any milkshake – Nesquik! As this guy was younger than me, this wasn’t helping him seeming young to me. Also, I couldn’t help but think of Kelis the whole time. Anyway, I wanted to leave so he offered to walk me home, which I don’t get as clearly I want to get away from him. So we get to my door and obviously I’m like ‘Night, you aren’t coming in’ – to which he goes into a weird rage and to this day I don’t know where this came from. He grabbed a pumpkin and threw it across the road and then stormed off. Most bizarre end to an evening EVER!”

Look, I know Game of Thrones is amazing, but when you first start seeing someone- DON’T say I’m busy on the day you planned a date and when questioned, ‘Doing what?’ say, watching GOT. Like, fair enough if you’re in a relationship with someone, but second date in – No!” 

“So after speaking all evening, I thought this guy was a bit odd but funny in a weird way. Anyway, we’d kissed and everything and I thought, ok, got some potential here. Next minute he goes off, now I thought, maybe he smokes? Or gone to the toilet? No. He left. No explanation. No goodbye, you’re shit – NOTHING! RUDE!” 

“So I’d just started dating this guy and not only did he introduce me to his parents. He also asked me to name his pet pig? I mean, quite unusual, I did think it was a bit forward and weird! Also, not a farmer, so why he had a pet pig, I’m not sure!”

“So I was on this date once with this guy and everything he spoke about, linked to Jessie J. He was obsessed. I was like well if this is all you can talk about, this goes no further. So the moral of the story is: don’t be boring and a creepy obsessed fanboy and try to talk about the other person’s interests! Also, the first time we saw each other, he dragged me to 50 shades. That is also something that shouldn’t happen on the first date. Bit awkward!”

So, the moral of the story is…. don’t do ANY of these things! Good luck!


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