Student Relationship

Going to university is an exciting step in one’s life. You get to broaden your education, lock in a bright future and may even find love in the process. Student dating and relationships are portions of the university experience many look forward to. Chances are you are probably in one, have been in one or want one. Although you are there to learn, once you arrive and see all your options you are probably going to say, “This can drastically improve my love life” and begin going on student dates before your first class. Although true, many wonder how many university relationships actually last.

There are no set in stone statistics concerning uni relationships so the best way to gauge the chance of one lasting is human behavior. Yes this all sounds very scientific but it is true. At this point in a person’s life they are exploring, having fun and growing up all at once. As a result those at university will go on many student dates, find themselves in quite a few uni relationships and so on. Although it really depends on the two students involved and where they are at in their lives the odds may be against you.

The other challenge is the moment when “real life” sets in. Student dating and university romances have not faced the real world yet. A relationship can be going well but after graduation when and it is time to get a residence and a career it isn’t uncommon for a relationship to end.

On the other hand a uni relationship can last when such a strong connection is made. Many of those university love stories you hear from those now married with children is the opposite end of the spectrum. Oftentimes it began with a few student dates, feelings started to develop and the rest is history. During this pivotal moment in life when you are discovering who you are and who you want to be finding that supportive partnership strengthens a relationship and makes it last.

All in all, going to university is a crucial time in anyone’s life. When it comes to student dating and uni relationships you may find love. University relationships can last but it isn’t unlikely for life to get in the way.

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