Why date fellow students, you ask? Let us fill you in on their awesomeness!

Students are, for the most part, young (and those not so young are usually still young at heart). This brings with it three main qualities: good looks, energy and a fresh, positive outlook. They’re explorers and risk-takers…they’re inquisitive and fun. The world is their oyster.

Young Couple

Youth and beauty naturally go hand-in-hand. Students don’t need to worry about wrinkles or the ill health that comes with age. They’re also largely active: all universities have health and fitness facilities, with big discounts for students. Sports societies are prevalent and it’s fashionable to become involved with the college teams.

Traveling often holds an important place in student’s hearts, and this means that they crave seeing and experiencing the world, with all its beauty and different cultures. Bitterness is rare among this lot. Instead, they view the world with wide eyes and they just can’t wait to try new things.

Being students, they all carry with them three fantastic traits: intelligence, passion, and a desire to succeed. They’re choosing to learn and in doing so helping themselves to grow personally, academically and socially. They’re working towards their future careers, and will soon be able to climb further up the ladder with the qualifications they gain. Plus, they’re delving deeper into their subject passions, and learning of new ones as they go.

Friendship, and therefore loyalty and being genuine, are also close to their hearts. Making new friends at university, keeping your old ones strong and forming close social groups are goals for all students. They want people who they can be themselves around, people to have good chats and spill their hearts out with, and people to have fun and party with.

Being a fellow student yourself, you’ll have all these qualities and more in common with them. You’ll be in-tune with popular culture, like music, movies and fashion. You’re both ‘going somewhere,’ and you can embark on this exciting journey together, discovering and experiencing new things hand-in-hand.

So, if you want someone who is youthful, good-looking, fun, intelligent, hard working, sociable, loyal and brilliantly starry-eyed, look no further than Dating for Students!

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