Here’s a little story: every year, I go to Canada for a few weeks to visit my family. I love spending time with them, but my boyfriend back in England? Geez, I hear you. Long-distance sucks. But one small, free thing we like to do together, is to continue the little tradition we have of watching the same weekly TV show together. We’re across the world from one another and on different time zones, but by opening up an online chat window, we set a time and watch our show together, commenting on what’s happening during that episode.

It’s such a small thing, but it really helps you to feel like you’re there with them. An international movie date, if you like. So why am I telling you this? Firstly, it’s to demonstrate that spending time with your date can be super cheap, if not free. In fact, it’s often these kinds of things that become special and mean the most to you.

Secondly, it’s to encourage you to do the same thing, or something similar, with your date. Be inspired! Lots of you may be studying at a different university from one another, living in another city. But if I can make it work from across the world, then you totally can!

Through Dating for Students, you might meet someone you really like, who lives in another city. And even if you’re at the same uni, there will be times when you have so much coursework or studying to do that you might not have time to see them for a few days. A half an hour study break can work wonders for your brain, as well as allowing you to spend a little time together. Switch your instant messengers on and crack on a show you both enjoy. So, don’t necessarily save those movie nights for when you’re in the same room; long distance isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely do-able if you make a little effort.

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