You know you want to meet new people, maybe even find that special someone. You might instinctively go for people with particular interests or outlooks, or be attracted to certain appearances. But sometimes, when we think about it, we don’t really know what we want.


Do you?

Realising what it is you really want could help you a lot, not only in terms of meeting someone you truly ‘click’ with, but by clearing your head and exposing your aspirations.

Often, people with very different careers or hobbies can get on better than people with really similar interests. But you at least need someone who you can connect with on other levels, such as sharing the same humour, or the desire to travel and see the world. And at the very least, you need someone who will support you and show an interest in the things you enjoy. You might want someone studying the same subject, to share your hobbies with you, or someone who is very different and yet you’re both just as thoughtful and kind. But what you don’t want, is someone who is really against your interests, goals or beliefs.

Here at Dating for Students, we thought we’d give you some food for thought. Our little way of giving you the get-go to finding your dream guy or girl, because we’re nice like that.

Take a pen and paper, or just think really hard, and see if you can answer the questions below. Then use these as inspiration for further thinking.  Just remember not to be too fussy – no one’s perfect!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? How about in 10 years?

If it’s in a different country, or back in the UK after your travels, you might want to find someone who isn’t afraid to leave their hometown and to try new things.

If it’s high up in a job, you might be suited to hard-workers and big achievers.

If you’re keen on settling down, getting married and starting your own family, you might want to look for certain traits in people, such as a caring nature towards people, or even animals. Lots of people won’t know what or when they want when it comes to this, while they’re still students, but perhaps someone who hates kids or is against the tradition of marriage may not be totally compatible with you.

What 3 qualities do you 100% need in a boyfriend/girlfriend?

Here are some examples of traits to should have…

Funny, thoughtful, intelligent, witty, sporty, loving, confident, calm, adventurous, political, kind, hard working, creative, wealthy, religious, passionate, happy-go-lucky, outgoing, grounded…

Once you’ve answered this, consider what features they absolutely cannot have.

What physical traits do you love the most?

Red, blond, brown or black hair?

Curly, wavy or straight hair?

Blue, green or brown eyes?

Tall, average, short?

Skinny, slender, curvy, large?

Fair, tanned or dark skin tone?


Bare in mind that these could change, or you could think you like one thing, then actually be attracted to something else. Also remember than looks aren’t everything!

Good luck with finding your dream date!

Love, Dating for Students.


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